The Warcraft Raid Manager

Readycheck is a free and easy to use tool that lets you manage your raid team so you can get the most out of your raids.

How does it work?

Readycheck uses data from to enable you to securely manage your guild with permissions based on your very own guild ranks.

Plan your Raids

Be more prepared for progression and clear farm faster by planning out your raid team for each boss ahead of time so you can focus on getting kills.

View your Loot Sheet

No more dealing with generic spreadsheets that try to fit a bunch of classes. Easily add the loot you want with a loot sheet tailored to your character.

Automatic Syncing

Effortlessly sync your raid team. Get up and running in just a few clicks by importing your data from and then have it automatically kept up to date.

Let’s get Started

It's free and super easy to get your guild up and running on Readycheck!
Step 1
Connect your account
Step 2
Sync your guild
Step 3
Easily manage your raid team